Which teams will be crowned Champions League winners?

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Ligue 1 champions Paris Saint-Germain have won the trophy in eight of the last 10 seasons.

Barca, meanwhile, have won it in every other campaign.

But there have been some significant changes in the Champions League since the competition’s inception.

Here are the main changes: 1.

In 2014-15, Barca won the Champions Leagues for the first time since 1998.

They also won the competition for the second consecutive season. 

Barcelona will become the first club to win the Champions league twice, with PSG winning the first trophy in 2002 and 2003. 


The Champions League will return to the Champions Cup format, where teams play each other in a group stage. 


In 2017-18, Barça will host the final in the newly renovated Camp Nou.

The competition will also feature a four-legged knockout stage for the top two clubs. 


In 2019, Barcelona will host both the Champions and Europa League final, with the former in Stockholm and the latter in Istanbul. 


Both leagues will have new TV deals with each club paying the equivalent of £25 million ($36 million). 


The Champions League is being phased out, with teams playing each other four times in the new four-year cycle.

The new deal with Qatar will see Barça and PSG playing in the competition four times a season, with Paris Saint Germain, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Juventus playing in a total of four. 


Arsenal and Manchester City have both confirmed that they will play in the tournament as their representatives. 


Liverpool, Chelsea and Bayern Munich are all expected to play in two groups, while Juventus and Paris Saint Germs will also join the fray. 


Liga 1 will become a six-team competition, with four teams from each league playing each another. 


Manchester City will play Manchester United and Liverpool in the two-legged Europa League, while Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Bayern and Real Madrid will be in the Europa League. 


All three Champions League finalists will face each other once in the knockout stages, with two winners from each group, as will the last three finalists in the group stages. 


Teams that finish second in their domestic league will qualify for the Europa league. 


Three teams in each group of the Champions competition will play each another in the UEFA Europa League in 2019-20. 


Juventus, Real Sociedad and Barcelona will play Barcelona in the 2018-19 Europa League as the holders. 


Chelsea will play Juventus in the 2019-19 Champions League.