When are you going to see the full-color version of this mod?

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When will we see the fully-colored version of The Binding of Isaac?

That’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves since we first saw the game’s first teaser trailer back in February.

The game’s official Twitter account tweeted out a teaser image on Monday, which showcased the full set of equipment players would be able to get for their character.

As of press time, the full version of the mod was not available, but it seems the team is planning to include a number of features that were added in the final version.

The full set will include three “additional weapons,” two “special equipment” items, and “special items” that the team hopes will make The Binding Of Isaac more accessible to more players.

A few screenshots from the trailer, however, show a number that players will be able access in the full release of the game.

“Additional weapons” will be a new addition to the game, according to the tweet, which also included the image of an item that has been added to the mod.

The “special item” item that appears to be the “additions” item will likely be something akin to a weapon that can be equipped by players that have not unlocked the character.

“Special items” can be crafted using materials from The Binding Over of Isaac: Rebirth’s first DLC, but the team has not confirmed what items are included in that DLC.

The team has yet to share the full list of added items, but they have said that the new items will have more powerful properties and that the mod’s full set would include more items.

The Binding over of Isaac mod team has previously teased the new additions to the map pack in its teaser image.

The mod’s release date for the full game has yet the confirmation of any additional DLC for the game or a release date.

As previously announced, The Binding is a survival horror game that is set in a dystopian future where the human race has been destroyed by an outbreak of an unknown virus.

Isaac, a human being who has been living in a wheelchair since birth, wakes up in a new world with the ability to transform into a super-powered creature known as a “bouncer.”

The game has been a long time coming for the modding community, which has already seen a number releases in the past, including the original game and the new sequel, The New Order.

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