Why do the province’s health boards use equipment to help patients stay healthy?

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The province’s government says it’s getting better at keeping track of what it says are “potentially life-saving” equipment, and it’s doing so by using a $1.9-million “fit equipment” program.

The province’s chief health officer, Dr. Mike Farr, said this year’s budget included $1,500 to fund the purchase of some new medical equipment.

Farr said the province has a few different ways it can use this money, including through the $100-million Health Care Technology Fund.

The funding will allow the province to purchase and install a certain number of fit equipment in a certain time period, including the first few months of a patient’s life.

“It will allow us to get those things up and running in a timely manner,” he said.

Ferr said it will also help to keep the equipment in good working order, so patients are able to be monitored and taken care of.

The Health Ministry also is looking at ways to reduce the number of beds available to patients who need more help with their care.

The government said it has been working with health boards to reduce its demand for bed space.

Faced with the mounting demand for beds, the provincial government announced in February it was reducing its supply of beds.

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