The Obama administration may be considering a plan to block Amazon from selling video projection equipment at US airports

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The Obama Administration may be mulling a proposal to block internet service providers (ISPs) from selling the devices, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

The proposal would likely be passed by the House of Representatives and President Barack Obama’s top legislative priority if it becomes law, The Associated Press said.

If the House passes the measure, it would go to the Senate, which would then have to ratify it.

It would then go to Obama for his signature.

The Obama administration last week sent a letter to the FCC, the U.S. telecom regulator, asking the agency to block the sale of the products.

The Obama team said it was worried that some ISPs would block access to streaming video services in their networks.

The White House has repeatedly said that the Internet Service Providers Association, which represents some of the biggest US internet companies, will fight the proposal in court.

It has also urged Congress to enact a law to protect the online freedom of Americans.

But the FCC said in a statement on Thursday that the White House letter does not contain enough information to justify its action.

“The Federal Communications Commission has not yet taken any action to address the potential for ISPs to block lawful content,” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in the statement.

“The FCC will continue to address this issue in the future.”

Pai added that the FCC will “continue to pursue all appropriate legal options” to stop ISPs from blocking lawful content.

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