Broadway projection equipment for a small business

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By Steve SchmitzA small business can get a projector that can display live concert performances from the stage, but what about theater projection?

You might want to consider the laser projection system.

The first laser-projector projection system was developed by a man named Henry M. Lee, Jr. in 1951.

Lee has since gone on to develop several more technologies, and they include laser projection, laser-based projection and even projection via lasers.

The basic idea behind the Lee system was to create a projector with two lenses: one for the projector itself, and one for a laser beam that projected the image onto the screen.

The system was originally called the “two-lens” projector, but it’s now known as a “lens-projection” system.

The idea was that if the screen was a thin layer of metal, a laser could be projected onto it to make the picture bigger.

You could also use the screen as a diffuser, which is basically a transparent film that can block light, but that also projects a light beam that can hit the screen and distort it.

The main problem with a two-lenses system is that it’s very expensive.

The cost of the first system was $1,000, but Lee later came up with an even better way to produce a $10,000 system for $30,000.

The system uses a small laser to project images onto a large metal sheet, and then the laser beam is projected onto the sheet.

Lee’s system was so effective that he even patented it.

In 1962, the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded Lee a patent for the system, but in 1984, Lee’s company sold the patent to a Japanese company called LEME.

Today, there are about 200 such systems in use.

The LEMe system is cheaper than the Lee, Lee and Lee system.

However, LEMEs are not necessarily cheaper than laser projection systems.

In the past, they were not inexpensive enough to make it affordable for a home business to use, and many LEMES are still on the market.

The Lee system is the most expensive system, at $30.

The LEM E system is less expensive than the most commonly used system, the $100 laser-powered projector system.

LEMes are more expensive because they require expensive equipment.

But for most home businesses, a $100 system is a good investment.

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