What to do if you have to put a stage projection on your wall in your home

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You’ve got a wall that you love to use as a projection screen, but it’s got an awful lot of work to do before you can turn it into an entertaining space.

Here’s what you need to know about how to do that, from figuring out how to put the projector in your living room to how to create the most spectacular images you can.


The wall needs to be built from solid, solid brick.

As with any home theater system, you want to make sure that the wall has solid, concrete support.

That means that it must be built at least 20 feet (6 meters) from any solid surface and from solid materials such as wood, brick, and cement.


You need to install a projection light.

As soon as you start building your projection screen into your home, it will need to be placed in the wall, which will require a projector.

A projector can be installed from a light fixture, such as a projector, on a wall, or from a ceiling fan, such like a fan.

A fan will also work well.


The projector needs to have an input port.

The most common way to use a projector is with a built-in input port that you plug into your wall.

The input port is usually located on either the ceiling or wall, so make sure it’s easy to reach with your hands or a tool.

If the input port on the wall is too small, you can put the screen into a space that’s more accessible, such a closet or bathroom.


You’ll need to connect the projector to the projector light.

If you have a projection system that you’ve already installed, it’s usually best to connect it to the same light that is being used to create your image.

For example, if you’ve installed a projection from a wall-mounted light fixture in the living room, you’ll need a light source that can be attached to the ceiling of the room where the projector is placed.

A small, flat light source is ideal, since the light source can be placed on the ceiling and used to produce the image.


The light source should be able to provide enough light to project your image without producing too much noise.

For a projector that uses a light output, such the projection from an electrical fixture, you might want to increase the brightness of the light so that it doesn’t overpower your image and you can still see it clearly.


You can use a light meter to figure out how much light is being provided by your projector.

If your wall is built from a solid brick, you should have a meter that measures the amount of light that comes from the wall.

You might use a power meter to determine the amount that you need.

You should also have an eye level light meter that you can use to measure how much of the ceiling light is coming from your wall and the rest of the wall light.


You want to keep the projector on at all times, and it must stay on throughout the entire projection.

The only time that the projector should be turned off is during the setup phase.


You’re going to have to monitor your projector so that you don’t turn it off when you’re done using it.

When the projector lights up, you will need a small light fixture on the projector.

You will need that fixture to attach the projector directly to the wall for the entire viewing experience.

When you’re finished using the projector, you may need to re-attach it to your wall to make it visible again.


Make sure the projector can produce enough light that you’re comfortable with its output.

You may want to have a light sensor attached to one of the two outputs of the projector for visual checking.


You don’t want the projector’s output to distract you from the real world.

You’ve seen your picture projected onto the wall and you’re excited to see what’s coming up on the screen.

You won’t want your eyes to focus on anything else in the room.


You must make sure your projector is not damaged during the whole projection process.

You have to be careful about the amount you allow to come out of the projectors output.

If something gets caught in your projector, it could potentially damage your projectors ability to produce images that are the best quality possible.


Make a list of all the different lighting requirements for the projection system you’re going for.

Make your list and check it every time you’re ready to start using the projection screen.


When it’s ready, connect the light fixture and projector to your home theater setup.


If all else fails, you could also install a stand that will hold the projector up, and you will be able use it to view the screen from a distance, or at least a distance that you have some control over.


Make the projector permanent.

This will require you to build a special wall in which to install the projector and the light.

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