Which clubs have the highest interest in new stadium?

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It is not easy to determine the exact number of stadiums being built across Europe.

However, some of the biggest football clubs in Europe have significant financial commitments, with Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City among those that have made financial commitments.

Here are the top five clubs in terms of interest in the next stadiums in Europe: Juventus, who have spent over €100m on stadium upgrades over the past two seasons, are one of the most ambitious teams in the world.

The club has pledged €110m in new stadiums, including the €160m+ stadium upgrade that opened in 2015.

The club has made a €150m investment in the ground itself, building a new, larger facility that includes a stadium, training complex, training grounds, dressing rooms and training grounds.

It is the largest of its kind in Europe and will play host to a large number of international matches.

PSG are a long-term investment in Europe.

In 2012, they spent around €90m on their own stadium.

However the club has since put in another €80m in other projects including a new stadium, coaching and training facilities, and a new youth academy.

The next step for PSG is to build a stadium of their own, but that remains a long way off.

Liverpool, which has the second largest stadium in Europe, have also been keen on building new stadiums for years.

They have spent more than €200m on stadiums, and are expected to invest even more in the future.

The Reds are also investing in a training ground for players and a training academy.

Liverpool’s commitment to training is perhaps its most ambitious, with the club spending around €160 million on new training facilities.

In total, the Reds have invested around €400 million in their own training ground, new facilities, coaching facilities and training camps.

They also have a new training academy that will be completed in 2019.

The stadium will be used by both the Reds and the academy for their first match of the new season.

Chelsea, with a stadium budget of around €300 million, have been the biggest club in Europe to invest in a new home.

The Blues have committed €75m to build an entirely new stadium that will feature a stadium-sized indoor pitch, and will host a number of matches.

The Stamford Bridge Stadium, which will house the Stamford Bridge football club, was opened in 2018 and is expected to be completed by 2021.

This will be the club’s first stadium to be completely dedicated to the club.

Chelsea are also planning to build the first stadium in the city, with plans to use the ground as a training facility.

A number of other clubs, such as AC Milan and Juventus, have a huge stadium budget but have not yet built a stadium.

In total, around €1.8bn has been invested in the club, and around €2bn has already been spent.

The new stadium will house Chelsea, and is scheduled to open in 2021.

The Stamford Bridge club will also have the first team training ground in the European Championship quarter-finals.

This stadium will also house the UEFA Champions League group stage matches, and can be used for the next two years.

It will also be used as a temporary home for the senior squad and will be ready for the 2020/21 season.

Juventus, Paris St-Gemma, Liverpool and Chelsea are the most aggressive clubs in the league when it comes to new stadium investments, and the most active in the new stadium building cycle.

Juventus have spent around £1.7bn on stadium investments over the last two seasons and have committed around £250m to a new facility.

Paris St Germain have spent almost £300m over the same period.

Liverpool and Paris St Germain have invested almost €600m in stadium upgrades, including a €200 million stadium upgrade completed in 2016.

The second largest in Europe is PSG.

In addition to the £200 million in stadium funds, PSG have also committed £80m to the new training complex and training ground.

The group also have an academy, with €50m in funding from the city.

This academy will be run by the club itself and will have a number-one-ranked youth academy and coaching staff, which are the only professional academies in the Premier League.

The PSG academy will also host a training camp in 2019, and then play the first of two friendlies against Manchester City in 2021-22.

This match is set for September 25, 2021, at the Stade Velodrome in Paris, which is also the home of the French national team.

In 2017, the PSG Academy was one of several clubs to sign up with Premier League giants Manchester City.

The Premier League has invested over £1bn in the construction of a new London Stadium, the Emirates Stadium, and has also announced plans to spend £50m on the stadium itself.

Juventus and Paris Saint Germain are the next major players