Loon: New ‘flying’ drones have been launched by the UK to replace the aging RAF’s ageing aircraft

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Loon, a British-funded drone company, has announced a fleet of three unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that will be used to replace ageing RAF aircraft.

The first two vehicles will be capable of flying for six hours before needing to be docked, and the third will be able to operate for up to four hours.

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAW) program aims to provide cheaper, more versatile and flexible solutions for air traffic control, surveillance, maritime safety, and humanitarian missions.

The Loon drones, which are capable of carrying up to five people, can carry up to eight payloads, including cameras, microphones, infrared sensors and electronic sensors, and are able to carry out various tasks.

The company, which also makes drones for military, government and commercial clients, hopes to start delivering the vehicles to customers this year.

The drones are equipped with cameras, sensors, cameras and microphones, and can carry out surveillance, disaster management and humanitarian operations.

The vehicles will operate from a controlled area in the UK, and their batteries can be charged by the vehicle’s own battery.

The program will cost Loon £6 million ($8 million) and be delivered in 2018.