Chicago Fire to begin testing ‘Project Fit’ Firefighting Equipment

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Chicago Fire officials are looking at installing “Project Fit” firefighting equipment in the fire department, according to a letter sent Thursday to Fire Chief Jim Schindler.

The letter was sent to Schindlers assistant director of community engagement and communications, Mike Wozniak, to discuss how the department would use the equipment and whether the equipment could be used for fire suppression.

The equipment could also be used in other departments.

“Project fit” is a term used to describe a system in which firefighters use specialized equipment in a manner that can be tailored to a particular task.

The department said it plans to use the gear in a number of ways, including in responding to fires, responding to natural disasters and in response to a number and variety of emergencies.

“The Department is working to get this equipment in place and is taking a look at the options we can utilize, and the community engagement process,” Chicago Fire said in a statement.

Schindls chief is looking at ways to use these new firefighting tools, which are expected to cost $8.5 million, to help reduce the spread of the disease in the city, the letter said.