Google: Wearables may soon be a major part of your everyday life

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Google has unveiled its latest smartwatch.

The company is touting the smartwatch as the world’s first wearable that uses the Android operating system and its sensors to make smart phone calls, track your health and track your movements.

Google has also said it wants the device to be a smart phone replacement.

“We’re making smart wearable devices that combine a smartphone experience with the power of sensors, voice recognition, and augmented reality to provide a new kind of experience, one that’s easy to use and adapts to every lifestyle and environment,” Google said in a statement.

“These smart watches will help us take our vision of a smart and connected world to new heights.”

The Android Wear platform is Google’s way of making smartwatches as affordable as smartphones, and it has made a lot of money off the idea.

It is expected that the Google Wear device will retail for $199.99.

The first wearable Google introduced in 2013 was the Google Glass, which had an Android smartphone and an iOS app.

The smartwatch is designed to be similar in design to the Glass, but it is thinner and lighter, and the smart phone will be used to control it.

The Google Wear app uses the latest in smartwatch technologies to monitor your activity and provide notifications when it detects a move.

It also has a built-in GPS that will give it location data for nearby locations, allowing the user to find the nearest restaurant or cafe and return home.

“The wearable is the next step in Google’s quest to democratise the use of technology,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in the statement.

“A connected world, a smart wearable, and a connected world will be a core component of Google’s mission to enable the sharing of more information across devices.”

Google said it is also working on “a companion wearable to Android Wear,” which is designed for people with disabilities.

The company says the new wearable is “designed to be the ultimate companion to Google Glass.”

It will be available on January 18.