When will the next “Game of Thrones” be broadcast?

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Posted August 06, 2018 06:22:54It’s been more than a year since the season finale of “Game Of Thrones” aired.

And according to a new poll, many viewers have a lot of questions about the upcoming HBO drama.

The new survey from the Interactive Advertising Bureau found that, by a whopping 51 percent, respondents said they’re not sure when they’ll see the next season of the show.

The poll, which was taken from August 7-11, asked viewers whether they would be willing to watch the first episode of season five in the fall of 2019.

It found that 27 percent of respondents said yes, while 13 percent said no, and 9 percent said they’d wait until season five is broadcast.

The remaining 22 percent of those polled said they would wait for the show to air, but said they weren’t sure when.

“It’s a really big question for many of us, and we really wanted to get some answers on that,” said Ben Giesbrecht, president and CEO of Interactive Advertising.

“It was a really fun experience and we got some really good feedback from it.”

As for when viewers will get to see the show’s next installment, the survey found that only 18 percent of people who have watched the season five finale said they want to see a new episode in the next year.

In comparison, 70 percent of viewers who have seen the first season said they are interested in seeing a new season.

The survey also found that the majority of viewers, 62 percent, say that the “Game” series needs to continue airing on HBO, but only 42 percent said HBO should do the same with other HBO properties.

That number was down from the previous poll, where only 33 percent said that they think HBO should keep the show going.

As for whether viewers want to watch more episodes of the series, 51 percent said yes to both, while 44 percent said the series should be turned into a limited series.

That was down slightly from the last poll, when 52 percent said it should be done.

The most common question respondents had about the future of the HBO series was whether it would ever be available on streaming platforms, though most were opposed to such a move.

Only 29 percent said streaming services could eventually be a part of the future, while 51 percent were against it.”HBO has always had great content, and it’s very important to them,” Giesbecht said.

“And that content should be available to the entire viewing audience.

But there are so many streaming services out there, and there are a lot more options out there.”HBO is also making some changes to its website in order to accommodate for the next few years of content, with the website now showing the first two seasons of each season in a way that people can easily view the full run of the shows on one screen.

HBO also said that it’s working on making the “Barry” website available to users on a subscription basis.

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