‘The Littlest Warfighter’ is the next war movie

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The latest installment of the upcoming sci-fi film “The Lettlest Warfighters” is set to be released next month.

It will be directed by David Ayer and starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard.

The film was first announced back in May, but it’s still unclear if this will be the movie’s first or second installment.

The latest teaser shows the Littles in a futuristic city, and the first trailer also shows a futuristic-looking futuristic airplane flying overhead.

The trailer also reveals that the Lettles will be working together with an “alien” to fight for humanity.

The Lattes are a group of Littled warriors who are tasked with saving mankind by using their advanced technology.

They are the original crew of the USS Enterprise.

They have been tasked with protecting humanity since the year 3067.

The team is comprised of the Lattelite, a female member of the crew, as well as an “Alien” (played by Michael Fassesbender).

The aliens were created by the Lidle, and are the most advanced and dangerous of all Little-type creatures.

The Enterprise’s captain, Lieutenant Scott (Fassbender), has been assigned with the Lillies.

He and the other crew members are tasked to save humanity by using advanced technology, and this is the mission the Lettes are to fulfill.

The Lettelites are also equipped with laser projection equipment.

The film will be released in 2018.

Ayer recently tweeted that he is working on a film called “Morrow Project”, which is being produced by his studio, Legendary Pictures.

The project will follow the adventures of a group called “The Mowders”.