Atlantic Energy to develop 3,500 megawatts of solar power by 2030

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Posted October 05, 2019 05:05:27A project to develop new, more efficient and environmentally-friendly energy systems by the Canadian energy giant, Dominion Resources, is poised to begin operations this fall.

The company said it will build three gigawatts of photovoltaic (PV) power generating equipment over the next three years in Nova Scotia.

Dominion is partnering with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to build the power plants.

The project is part of Dominion’s $4.5 billion project to invest in the province’s electricity system.

Dominion’s solar and wind energy projects have generated more than $2.4 billion in the past five years.

“This project is an important step in Dominion’s effort to meet its ambitious energy goals and our vision to deliver a world-class energy system for Nova Scotia,” Dominion chief executive officer Kevin Smith said in a statement.

“The energy generated by these solar and renewable energy plants will help ensure the future of Nova Scotia’s economy, while providing the stability that’s essential to a robust and reliable power grid.”

The solar projects are part of the Dominion Energy Renewables project.

The company has a solar portfolio of about 2,400 megawatts.

The province also announced a $2 billion investment in the Atlantic Energy Power project in 2016, which will include a $1.5-billion, five-year loan for new solar power.

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