How to watch TV and video on your tablet or smartphone with a projector

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When you need a break from watching television or video on a big screen, you might have to put on a pair of glasses.

The solution is a projector that lets you project a large image onto a screen and project that image onto another display.

That projector uses your phone or tablet as the projector.

The latest version of Google Glass is a big improvement on the Glasses original model.

It’s thinner, lighter, and smaller than its predecessors, and it’s a good option for people who want to avoid bulky glasses.

It also has a bigger screen and the option of projecting a wider screen onto a smaller display, allowing for more viewing space.

Google Glass now also includes a built-in speaker, a built in projector, and a built, built-out video recorder.

Here’s how to use Google Glass to watch and record videos on your smartphone.

The Google Glass app allows you to see a picture of your TV and set up your viewing setup.

Google has a builtin microphone that lets it record voice commands for playback.

It can also record video.

You can also set up a Wi-Fi network, and connect to it via Bluetooth, and the camera app can record video at 1080p and 720p.

Google Glass lets you see what the TV is showing and set it to a specific time.

It’ll also display the channel numbers, and let you adjust the color of the image on the screen.

To start recording, tap the “Record” button on the bottom right corner of the screen, and you can choose the type of recording you’d like to record.

It won’t automatically record the entire screen, but you can set it up to do so if you want.

You’ll also see an “Open” button, which lets you view the recorded video on the TV.

If you want to record a video and record it on your phone, just connect your Google Glass phone to your PC, and use the Google Glass recording app to record and upload the video to your phone.

You could also use your phone to record video from a phone-connected speaker.

You might need to adjust the recording speed to make it run smoothly on your computer.

The video recording app works in a few different ways.

You tap the video recording icon to record, and when you record, a video will be played in your Google Lens view.

Tap the recording icon again to end recording, and tap the red record button on top of the video recorder to start recording.

You will then see a notification that you can download the recorded version of the movie on your Google Drive.

You can set up multiple videos to be viewed simultaneously on your PC or mobile device.

To record multiple videos, just tap the record icon in the top left corner of your screen.

If you’ve selected multiple videos in the video recordings list, you’ll be prompted to select the number of the individual videos you want the videos to include.

If your phone is already connected to your computer, you can tap the phone’s icon in Google Lens to see the available video files.

Once you’ve chosen your files, you need to open them in Google Photos, Google Drive, or Google Drive Pro to upload them to Google Glass.

You could also record videos with a third-party app, such as Google Camera or Google Hangouts.

To do so, tap on the video you want and choose “Add to Google Lens” from the context menu.

The video you select will appear in the “Video” section of Google Lens.

To record a photo, you have to tap the camera icon in your phone and then tap the shutter button.

To make the photo appear in your photo album, tap “Add Photo” from Google Lens, then select a photo from the list of available photo albums.

You don’t need to record the whole screen if you use the same smartphone as your Glass, but if you have a smartphone that’s smaller than the Glass screen size, you won’t be able to record videos from that phone.

Google offers two sizes of the Glass display: a 1280×720 display, and larger displays like 4K displays.

If Google is recording videos with those larger displays, the screen will appear larger in Google Glass than it does in the original Glass display.

In order to record more than one video, you will need to tap and hold the “record” button for the first video you record.

This will start recording a new video.

Tap and hold it again to stop recording the next video.

Once the next recording starts, you should see a video preview in the YouTube app.

You may also see a list of the videos in Google’s Glass YouTube channel.

When you need more room for your viewing, you could use a second projector.

The Google Glass HD projector is designed for use in places where you can’t view a lot of content at once.

It includes a projector and speakers that can project images of a wide variety of video and photo formats.

You simply place the projector and microphone in front of you and you