Why solar is poised to overtake coal and oil in the next few years

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Solar power is poised for a surge in popularity and growth in the United States and Europe, driven by strong demand for cheaper, more reliable energy.

The electric grid is already running at a level not seen since the early 1900s, thanks in part to the adoption of batteries for storing energy and batteries to power vehicles.

But solar panels and batteries are just getting going in a lot of places.

The solar industry is also expanding its footprint and attracting new customers.

This could mean that solar could become a major part of the energy mix by 2030.

“We have an opportunity to change the landscape for a long time to come,” said Andrew McAfee, chief executive officer of SunEdison, a solar panel manufacturer.

“Solar is going to be the new energy source of choice in the U.S., and we’re going to have to keep it that way.”

The U.K. is inching closer to a solar-friendly future, but other countries are taking notice.

Last week, China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) approved a proposal for a $8 billion program to develop solar energy projects in the country.

That program, known as the “Renewable Energy for Power” program, would allow Chinese companies to build large-scale solar power plants that would generate electricity for use in urban areas.

The NEA is also set to announce this month that it is planning to launch a $1 billion pilot project in South Africa to develop the technology for distributed solar power.

A Chinese company, SunPower, is also working on plans for a 100-megawatt (MW) solar power plant in South Korea, which would use solar energy to power industrial plants.

The government in China is also planning to approve a 100MW solar power project that could be ready in 2020.

The world’s largest economy, China, has made a commitment to make solar a significant part of its electricity mix by 2035.

But with a projected increase in solar installations in China, it’s also becoming a more attractive energy source for people in developing nations.

In the U, solar panels can be made in China at home, at factories and even in some small-scale projects.

But that’s not the case in other countries, where the U and other developed countries still use fossil fuels to make fossil fuels.

In addition to its fossil fuel dependence, China is one of the world’s biggest producers of coal.

In China, solar is considered a low-carbon source of energy because it does not produce pollution.

But some developing countries are concerned that China’s solar policies will make the country less competitive in the solar energy market.

“China’s policies have already had a negative impact on the solar market,” said Michael M. Brown, executive director of the Solar Energy Industries Association, a trade group.

“This is a huge problem because the United Kingdom, for example, has already started to move away from fossil fuels.”

China’s decision to abandon coal-fired power plants and its plans to use solar panels to power large-sized industrial plants have made solar more attractive to some developing nations, such as India.

In India, solar projects are being built to generate power from rooftop solar panels, a technology that could potentially become a new energy technology for India.

India also has plans to install more solar power stations, but these are not expected to be large enough to power all the homes and businesses in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

In fact, some analysts are predicting that India will never build enough solar power for its needs, given the country’s growing population.

The new solar plants in Rajasthani states of Gujarat and Haryana will only serve a small fraction of the state’s total power demand.

In Haryna, a state in western India that has struggled with electricity outages, the state government is building the largest solar power station in the world, which will supply nearly 90% of the power for more than 6,000 homes.

India has been moving away from coal-burning power plants in recent years, but some environmentalists say the country should move more quickly to adopt a more renewable energy source.

“India has to move quickly to make a transition to renewables,” said Ramesh Nandakumar, a professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business.

“It will be the difference between life and death for them.”

India is the second-largest consumer of fossil fuels, according to the International Energy Agency, with more than 10% of its total energy demand coming from fossil fuel.

“A lot of this energy needs to come from renewable sources, so it’s an extremely challenging environment,” said Josh Leder, an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Management.

“Renegade countries are trying to find a way to move ahead with this transition.”

But there are hurdles.

Renewable energy can’t be easily stored in landfills or on the surface of

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