Why America Needs More Wires and Plugs

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It may seem like a simple task, but the wiring of the United States needs to be improved.

A new federal report says that, to be competitive in the global race to replace old electrical equipment, the country needs to spend more than $100 billion annually to upgrade electrical wiring.

The wiring of American cities and businesses, meanwhile, is being left to rot.

In a joint project with the U.S. Department of Energy, New York City has been working to install new wiring in the neighborhoods it manages.

But, the project is far from done.

To replace old wiring, New Yorkers are to be encouraged to build new homes and businesses on vacant land.

That means they have to take over existing electrical wiring, build new roads and other infrastructure and replace old wires, which are prone to breakages.

The federal report calls for $110 billion over the next decade to upgrade the country’s electrical infrastructure.

And, it says, the federal government should invest more in the transmission of electricity.

The government should also create more jobs in the field of electrical wiring and construction, and hire more engineers, the report says. 

In addition to rebuilding the countrys electrical infrastructure, the American Society of Civil Engineers has said that the country must invest in the development of a national electrical grid.

The American Electric Power Association, which represents power distributors and transmission companies, has been lobbying the White House for a national electric grid.

It says that the new U.N. report shows the U,S.

needs to upgrade its electrical grid as soon as possible.

The new report notes that a national grid would be “the first step toward replacing a nation’s aging electrical infrastructure.”