Disney Parks & Resorts launches VR demo for Disney Pixar film

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With VR coming to the Disney Parks and Resorts app, the company is taking a new step towards bringing its new virtual reality experience to life.

In an update today, the Walt Disney Parks Company revealed that it is currently running a test with the company’s virtual reality project studio equipment.

The VR studio equipment consists of four headsets, two Oculus Rift DK1 and two Oculus Touch DK1, all in partnership with Walt Disney Animation Studios.

The VR studio includes a VR headset, two controllers, a tracking device and an audio track.

The equipment will be sold for $299.99 for the four headsets and $399.99 with the two Oculus VR DK1s.

The Oculus Touch headsets will be available for $399, but the Oculus Touch devices are still only compatible with the Oculus Rift headset, not the Oculus One headset.

For the Disney VR project studio, the developers were able to utilize the Oculus Tracker to capture and record the world around them, and then to build a virtual experience that includes animated characters, animated scenes, and a real-time visual and audio environment.

The first version of the VR project team’s virtual experience, dubbed The Adventurers’ Studio, was created with the first Oculus Rift prototype.

It was the first VR experience created for Walt Disney Interactive Studios and was also a virtual reality test.

Disney’s VR project studios also provide VR tracking to the VR projects of other Disney Interactive companies like Pixar Animation Studios and Marvel Studios, and will be able to work with Pixar Animation and Marvel studios on future projects.

With the virtual reality hardware in hand, Walt Disney Studios will be launching a series of events that will offer VR projects to Disney Parks employees, including live-streaming of live VR projects and a series that will feature special events with guests and members of the community.

The Walt Disney Park Experience is a one-day, live-virtual reality experience that takes place in the Disney parks and resorts.

The event is available for select employees, and the VR team is working to add other Disney parks to the experience.

The announcement of the new VR project Studio equipment was made during the companys quarterly conference call with analysts.

The company said that the virtual experience will not be limited to employees at Disney Parks, but will be shared with all employees who are currently using a VR system.

The company said it will also be available to employees in other Walt Disney parks that are currently working with Oculus.

For more information on Disney VR, follow the company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For additional entertainment content, follow us on YouTube.

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