How to find and remove zombie-killing equipment in your home

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Zomboid gear can be useful in the fight against zombies, but it can also be a bit messy.

Luckily, you can quickly and easily remove zombies and other undead creatures using your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

This guide will walk you through how to get rid of zombie-related items.

Step 1: Turn off the lights When you turn the lights on in your house, make sure the bulbs and lights are turned off, as well as the power outlets, thermostat, and fan.

It is also a good idea to turn off the fans and any appliances that use electricity, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and other heaters.

To remove zombies from your house: Use a vacuum cleaner or a suction cup to remove the zombie.

Place the zombie in a clean and dry spot.

Remove the zombies head by placing the head under the bed or on a table.

Remove the skull by pulling out the head.

Next, remove the ear, neck, and skull, then carefully pull out the skull with a pair of pliers.

Make sure the zombies ear is completely removed before you can remove the skull.

The zombie’s neck is also usually easy to remove, so don’t worry about accidentally poking a hole through the skull while you’re removing the head or neck.

Once the zombie’s head is removed, you’ll be able to remove some of the zombie equipment, including the power cord, fans, and thermostats.

Step 2: Clean the house First, clean the zombie-infested area with a disinfectant, bleach, or water.

Use a disinfecting solution or bleach for both the cleaning and disinfecting steps.

If you don’t have any disinfectant or bleach handy, you could use a bleach solution instead.

If the area is covered in zombies, you may want to use a bucket with a lid to allow the water to drain.

To remove zombies: Remove the head by pulling it out of the skull, or using a pair to pull the zombie out of its head.

Remove any zombie’s limbs and any headgear.

Use a knife to cut the zombie head in half.

Place all of the zombies limbs and headgear in a small trash bag and toss it into the trash.

Clean the zombie carcass by using a vacuum, a hose, or a small cloth to clean it.

Do not use any other cleaning or disinfectant.

If zombies are living in your garage or garage, you should also clean any garage door that is covered with zombies.

Step 3: Put the zombie heads back into their bodies After the zombie corpses are dead, you must put the zombie parts back in their bodies.

You can use a scalpel or a knife and scrape out the zombie pieces.

Once you have the zombie body parts back, you need to place them in the freezer to protect them from decomposition.

Use some paper towels to wipe the zombie skin off the body.

Next, clean your house by using dish soap or water to clean the surfaces.

Use another dish soap to clean up any zombie blood.

The only way to get zombies to eat your food is to use the microwave.

Step 4: Remove zombies from living spaces This step is optional, but the more zombie parts you remove, the better the chances you’ll remove the zombies from a living space.

Place the zombie limbs and heads into a clean, dry area and remove them.

Step 5: Put them back together Again, remove any zombie parts that are still attached to the zombie bodies.

If you have a pet zombie that has recently bitten you, take a look at the pets bite wounds.

They may be infected with the same virus that caused the bite.

If so, you will need to put the pet back together again.

To put the pets back together, you might use a toothbrush or dental floss.

Once the pet zombie parts are in place, put them back in the pet’s cage.

Step 6: Place the pet in the cage to get the best results Put the zombie animal in a container, such a a bag, freezer bag, or cardboard box.

Put the cage into the freezer and seal the lid with a plastic sheet.

Place your pet in a cage to keep them warm while they wait for their owners to come.

When your pet is finished, remove them from the freezer bag and put them in their cage.

Step 7: Keep the pet awake and alert during the night The more zombie bodies you remove from your home, the more zombies will likely get sick.

This step will help you keep your pet awake during the zombie outbreak, so they don’t die.

If your pet zombie has been sick recently, they may have been infected with one of the diseases that have infected humans.

To prevent this from happening, you and your pet must keep your zombie pet awake throughout the night.

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