How to make projection advertising more efficient

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Google has released a new feature for web-based projectors that can make advertising for digital projects more efficient by using fewer pixels.

Projection advertising can be particularly helpful for businesses that want to target a specific audience, but not necessarily their audience.

The new technology lets users display ads that are smaller than they need to be for a particular audience.

The new technology, which was announced in Google’s Projected Ads SDK, can help marketers reduce costs by reducing the amount of pixels that need to go into each ad, as well as by reducing ad load on websites and mobile devices.

The company has also released a free projectors app for Android devices that uses the new technology.

The app can help advertisers optimize their advertising campaigns for mobile devices, and can help developers optimize their projectors.

The technology has the potential to have wide-reaching applications, Google said.

“Projected Ads has been used to improve the performance of video ads for both mobile and desktop platforms and has been particularly useful for mobile ads that require more precise positioning,” it said.

Projected Advertising is currently available in Google AdWords and Google Play.

It is also available in Microsoft Bing’s ad services.

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