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Equipped Projectile Systems Technology (UPST), a UK based company, is developing an upgrade for the U.S. Army’s 155mm howitzer, a project that was funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The upgrade will improve the UH-60 Black Hawk’s ability to carry a larger magazine, increase the projectile’s velocity and increase the gun’s penetration.

The UH’s 155MM gun is the largest of its kind and the only one in the world that is armed with a 125mm howler cannon.

The 155MM is designed to fire a 120mm or 120mm burst projectile.

It has a barrel length of 690mm and weighs 3,800kg.

It was first fielded in 1943 and is still in use today.

The upgrade to the 155MM’s 155-calibre cartridge, which is mounted on the turret, will improve its ability to penetrate armor.

The US Army has spent millions on upgrades to its 155mm Howitzer, and has made significant investments in new technology over the past few years.

The upgrades have been largely aimed at reducing its vulnerability to enemy counter-infantry fire, such as machine guns and rockets.

The new 155mm ammunition is designed specifically to increase the UHS-1’s ability, as well as increasing the gunner’s ability with the gun.

This new projectile is designed for a 120-degree trajectory and is capable of penetrating the same armor as a 125-mm Howler cannon fired at a target at 600 meters.

The company has designed the 155-mm UH Black Hawk to be capable of firing both a 120 and a 125 round magazine.

The 150-round magazine was added as part of the program to accommodate the new projectile.

The gunner must then remove the magazine and replace it with a new one.

The 105-mm round is also fitted to the gun and is more effective at piercing armor, as the 155mm gun is less effective against that type of armor.

With the 155 mm projectile, the 155/140-mm rounds are more effective against armor, but are slower to eject, making them less suitable for long-range engagements.

The 140-mm projectile is also a less effective projectile than the 155, but is capable at penetrating the hull of the U-boat.

It is used in the Navy’s Sea Sparrow anti-submarine warfare platform and is the UAH’s main projectile for the MQ-1 Predator and UH M2 Bradley attack helicopters.

The Army plans to purchase the 155 ammo and a 105-round mag.

The Navy and Marine Corps also plan to upgrade their 155/130mm rounds, according to DARPA.

Project Research will provide the technology and support for the upgrade to existing 155mm systems, according the company.

The development will be carried out under the umbrella of the UK Army’s Project Research Engineering Branch, a division within the Defense Acquisition Office.

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