Microsoft, Microsoft HoloLens project to begin in October

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Microsoft has announced it will be collaborating with Microsoft HoloLab to develop the HoloLens, its next generation augmented reality head-mounted display.

According to Microsoft, the HoloLab project will enable developers to design, build, and test prototypes using the software, allowing them to start using HoloLens prototypes in the months leading up to its official release.

The project, called HoloLens 2, will be open source and will use existing hardware, which means that it will not require the use of special hardware to be used in production.

However, the company has yet to release a formal announcement on when the project will officially begin.

The first HoloLens prototype was released in March, and the second in October.

Microsoft’s HoloLens is one of the first wearable technologies to be developed by the software giant.

The project is designed to allow developers to build devices that combine virtual and real world objects to create augmented reality experiences.

The device uses sensors to determine what kind of environment a user is in, and then combines the two in order to create a virtual environment.

Microsoft has been using HoloLab technology for years, as the company is still working on a range of its consumer products, including Xbox One, Xbox 360, Surface, HoloLens 3, and HoloLens Home.

The company has also announced plans to develop its HoloLens mobile app for Android and iOS devices, and a mobile VR headset.

Microsoft, like many other tech companies, has been working to develop virtual reality and augmented reality technologies for years.

The firm has previously invested in VR-focused companies like Oculus VR and AR-tech firm Metaio.

Microsoft also has a presence in the VR industry through its Holo Labs subsidiary, which it established in 2015 to help develop new technologies in the area.

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