The world’s first robotic ‘arm’ can lift a 1,000kg truck

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The world is set to have its first robotic arm that can lift 1,500kg.

The machine is named the “Pete” and was built by a company called Pegatron.

It has two arms, one with a robotic arm and the other with a human arm, which can be used to lift a 3,000 kg payload.

The company has said that the robot is capable of lifting up to 6 tonnes.

It is powered by four batteries that can last up to a year and can reach speeds of up to 30km/h.

It was developed by a team of researchers from the University of Exeter, the University at Albany, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Cornell University.

It will be used in various roles including loading and unloading cargo, and in the construction of buildings.

The robot can be controlled by a smartphone app.

It can also be used for testing purposes.

The project is being funded by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and is being built in the US by Pegatron, the German company that designed the arm.

The “Pegatron” robot is used in the project to lift the 3,500 kg payloads.

This video was made in February 2018 and shows the “pete” arm in action.

This is a photo of the “dog” arm being used in a factory to lift up a 3kg truck.

The arm has two robots that can use it to lift trucks.

The robots have been designed to lift heavier objects such as concrete and steel.

It uses the same motor that the human arm can use to drive its own weight.

“We wanted to create a machine that could move up to 1,200kg of payload,” Pegatron CEO Richard Pemberton said.

“The only way we could do that was to design the robot in such a way that it could do it autonomously.”

With this project, we have been able to do that.

“Pegacons “pets” are robots that are designed to be controlled using the internet.

They can move in real time and move to any location on the planet.”

For example, it was the first robot to be able to move through an open space.””

With this, we were able to put an animal in a position that it couldn’t normally go to.”

For example, it was the first robot to be able to move through an open space.

“The “puppet” robot has been designed in such an environment, to get it to do this.

The new arm will be able lift heavy loads, and will be powered by the same battery as the human one.

The first two robots will be installed in an airfield in the state of Georgia.

A new commercial service provider, Pegatron Global, will manage the project.”

These are the first robots that will be designed to work autonomously in the field, and this is the way to go,” Pembleton said in a statement.”

This will also open up the possibility of robots working in factories, which will make our manufacturing industry more productive and more profitable.

“The US military is interested in building robotic arms, and Pegatron is one of the companies that is trying to get the technology out to the military.

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