Which projects are you most excited about?

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As the dust settles, it seems unlikely that we will ever see the world’s most advanced weapons systems again.

That would be a shame if it weren’t for a new set of research projects being funded by NASA and the Pentagon.

While we’re at it, it might be a good idea to remember the work NASA and its contractors have done with some of the most advanced space equipment in history, too.

While NASA’s Orion spacecraft is still on its way to the Moon, its propulsion system is currently undergoing upgrades.

And it has a pair of new launch vehicle systems on the way, one of which will launch a small satellite into orbit for NASA.

Now, as the first major step in the transition from the old to the new, NASA and Lockheed Martin are working on a system that will bring the latest space technology to the military.

That’s according to Space News Today , which reported that the Pentagon is working with NASA on an innovative propulsion system that uses a modified version of a NASA-designed rocket motor.

The propulsion system uses the same rocket motor that is used in the Orion spacecraft and that has been used on previous launches.

That means the propulsion system will be similar to the Orion and its predecessors, and will be able to propel the spacecraft, including the rocket that is powering it, into orbit.

In addition, NASA is working on an adaptable launch vehicle that will allow the new spacecraft to be launched with its own rocket engine instead of the one that powers the Orion.

That rocket engine could also be used for missions that are not designed to rely on an Orion rocket, such as missions to the moon, and could eventually be used to launch payloads into orbit and even carry astronauts to the International Space Station.

While the technology has been around for decades, it has never been used in this way before, Space News reported.

It’s not yet clear when the military will be ready to deploy the new propulsion system.

And that’s a big deal.

The Orion spacecraft was built to be capable of launching astronauts to and from the moon.

But that’s not a practical capability that the military wants to be in charge of.NASA is also working on adapting the Space Launch System, the successor to the Space Shuttle, to handle future missions to deep space.

The system, which is scheduled to be ready in 2019, is also designed to be able launch payload into orbit, but it is designed to launch to lower orbits.

The original Space Shuttle was also designed in part to be reusable, and the new vehicle will have more room for future missions.

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